Friday, May 24, 2013

Meet Tanzanian Bongoflava Star MON G’s

MON G, born as Ally Ramadhan Ngomage is the hottest new artist to come
out of Tanzania. Born on 4th Mar 1986 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, this
young man is making serious waves in the industry of Bongoflava Music.

Mon G rose to fame on 2009 after releasing his single known as “Mtoto
wa Dar”, the track entered the top ten numbers in various radio
stations in Tanzania especially Zanzibar where it hold number one for
eight weeks.

Mon G is a son second born to the six kids family, a singer, and
songwriter. Mon G began producing music at the age of 17. . Influenced
mostly by EastAfrica singers Digde, Nuruelly, R Kelly, Oliver Mtukuzi
and the likes. His first single to release in his career was “Damu
yangu”, when he met with Kisaka producer from Emotion records at
Kiwalani Dar es salaam 2008 where made a record label for some years. 
After a few self-taught lessons in various studios, he began to explore
the depths of music, join with other artists like Dullayo and Joslin
making a collabo song “Fungua Macho” at Bongo records with producer
P Funk Majani on 2012.

 Mon G execute his skills that have enabled collaboration with other
Tanzanian artists Dullayo, Ommy G, Joslin, Salu B and P the Mc. In 2011
realease his RnB collabo song with Dullayo knows as “Uko wapi”, 2012
made another collabo with Salu B called “Jipange” after that he
 release “Na wewe” and early this year released “Badilika”
featuring P the MC. Mon G  is young, talented and is definitely not a
one-hit wonder, he is set to stay put for a long time. He is now managed
to put finishing touches to his heavily anticipated, debut album (Mtoto
wa Dar),about to drop soon.

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