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My favourite singers when I was a teen.


Something reminded me of my childhood - teen life, and i remembered my favourite singers, you know, the ones that i'd listen to when i was either in a happy or bad mood. Well my childhood-teenage favourite singers were a girl band "Spice girls" and a solo artist "Britney Spears".

I remember singing to spice girls songs with my best friend Erica, she liked them and she had post cards of was a blast. I was such a spice girl nerd that i borrowed VHS tapes from this library in Arusha, and watched their movies and live performances. These ladies were awesome, just listening to their songs and singing along to them was the best part of being ME.

 And then came the Britney Spears "ERA"..I was a hardcore fan of Britney like MAD. I had all her albums (back then we had tapes..and CDs were expensive so tapes were cheaper and i had a tape walkman. My addiction to Britney's songs went as far as me getting a CD of her "My Prerogative" album from my crazy friend Coslas, on my 18th b'day. Man i was a huge fan...I had to see every video she released, and her movie "crossroads", I had to have it in my collection so I bought it instead of just renting it from the library. All in all i was a big fan till now..I like her new album Femme Fatale but am not that into it as i was in her previous albums. I guess am growing up and maybe i'll start being a crazy fan of another artist..lets wait and see.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 Most Incredible Mistakes Smart Singles Make


On my search for some articles on google, i came across the website below and this topic really caught my attention...i guess we've all done one of these or are  doing one of these mistakes listed is funny after all, when we are single we feel like hell, and when we are in a relationship we also feel like hell. So where should we really be?

Enjoy reading the points below.

List Developed by “Seminars for Singles,” 
  1. Singles rely on destiny and luck to put themselves into a wonderful relationship and don’t take the responsibility for making a good choice, being proactive or developing healthy relationship skills.
  2. Singles set themselves up for an unbalanced life, (i.e.: a roller coaster ride), by bonding and committing too soon.
  3. Singles spend so much time looking for the “right” person they miss out on other opportunities to spend time with really wonderful, decent people who might turn out to be “the one.”
  4. Singles often settle for sex when they really want intimacy, connection, friendship, comfort and support.
  5. Singles play it so safe they rarely connect with anyone, they’re too afraid of rejection.
  6. Singles don’t learn from their mistakes and don’t invest or work on themselves.
  7. Singles focus on their short-term feelings (chemistry) and forget to see if core beliefs are a match.
  8. Singles get their hearts broken because they “see what they want to see” and give their hearts away to strangers.
  9. Singles believe too many myths, like there is a “perfect person” for them and “there’ll be no conflict when its right.”
  10. Singles run away from problems rather than working things out and having a mature relationship.


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This girl has the ability to blow your mind. I went through her pictures and all i can say is WOOOW. I wish her lots of success in her Modelling career. 

For anyone looking to book her for a campaign, etc, whether in Sweden or anywhere else in the world, check out the links below.

more on emma check out her blog HERE
and HERE
photographed by Lennart M. Sjöberg of

Song of the day.

So i woke up today, noon as usual..(lazy me)...and the song "these boots are made for walking" kept playing in my head. Then went on youtube started watching the "Jessica Simpson" version of the song and stumbled into "Nancy Sinatra's" original song. Have fun watching and let your boots do the walking....all over him!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


4 friends meet 30 years after school. One goes to loo. Other 3 start to talk how successfull their sons became. Nr 1 says his son studied economics, became a banker and is so rich he gave his best friend a ferrari. Nr 2 said his son became a pilot, started his own airline, became so rich he gave his best friend a jet. Nr 3 said his son became an engineer, started his own development company, became so rich he build his best friend a castle. Nr 4 came back from loo and asked what the buzz was about. They told him they were talking about how successfull their sons became and asked him about his son. He said his son is gay and is a stripper at a gay bar. Other 3 said he must be very disappointed with his son for not becoming successfull. "O no" said the father, "he is doing good. Last week was his birthday and he got a ferrari, a jet and a castle from 3 of his boyfriends."

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ICCR Scholarships

Scholarships za Ubalozi wa India zitatangazwa kuanzia NEXT WEEK....... Soma Magazeti ya The Guardian, Nipashe na Daily News. (Degree, Masters and PhD).

links:- scholarships embassy page

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source: I want a Godly marriage (facebook)

I had to share this coz it really  speaks to us all.


Nothing will kill a marriage faster than infidelity. One does not have to have an affair to be unfaithful. Allowing yourself to develop strong feelings of attachment to someone other than your spouse is dangerous as well.

Being faithful means there are no others in our lives. That means you are faithful physically, mentally, and emotionally. You should not allow yourself to become romantic with anyone other than your spouse. You should not have strong emotional attachments to or fall in love with anyone other than your spouse. Anything less is infidelity.

Infidelity can destroy lives, not just the life of your spouse, but also your children. It can destroy friendships. It can motivate people to do unspeakable acts in the name of revenge. Nothing good at all comes from having an affair. No amount of short-term, fleeting pleasure can ever compensate for all of the heartache and misery that comes along with unfaithfulness.

Tell any person who tries to lure you into an entanglement with them that you're not interested, period. Don't give a half-hearted "Gee, I'm really attracted to you, but I'm married" response. This sends a wrong message - it says, "If only my spouse weren't in the way, then you and I could hook up." Anyone who knows you're married and persists in coming on to you will not hesitate to run over your spouse if she/he thinks you're at all interested. What matters is that you are married, and your commitment is to your spouse. Put your foot down hard and walk away, leaving no room for doubt or hope.

People who try to encourage a person to dally with them knowing full well that the other person is married are often very unhappy people, and they don't care to see anyone else happy. Ask yourself this question: "Why isn't there someone special in their life?" Often it's because they are simply not happy to be happy. Remember that if they don't mind harming your marriage, they won't be hanging around after the thrill of being with you wears off.

Our sincere prayers for any marriage dealing with this issue.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MSG from AJ

Zaburi 23

BWANA ndiye mchungaji wangu, Sitapungukiwa na kitu. Katika malisho ya majani mabichi hunilaza, kando ya maji ya utulivu huniongoza. Hunihuisha nafsi yangu na kuniongoza, Katika njia za haki kwa ajili ya Jina lake. NAAM, nijapopita kati ya BONDE LA UVULI MAUTI, SITAOGOPA MABAYA!!! KWA MAANA WEWE UPO PAMOJA NAMI, Gongo lako na fimbo yako vyanifariji, Waandaa meza mbele yangu, Machoni pa WATESI wangu.  Umenipaka mafuta kichwani pangu, na kikombe changu KINAFURIKA!!!                        Hakika Wema na Fadhili zitanifuata siku zote za maisha yangu; NAMI NITAKAA NYUMBANI MWA BWANA MILELE, AMEN.

Sema hiyo Zaburi in your heart. Inafariji sana, I don't fear anything because I know I have a rich Father, who's always on my side. I smile through every tear because in God I find strength, courage, happiness and peace. Most important of all, I'm thankful for all my unanswered prayers, I know God has better plans for me! When I think I know better n ask Him for it, He gives me BEST! At that exact time when I really need IT!! Ooooh I serve a Wonderful God! He has never failed me or abandoned me, and for that I will forever praise his Mighty Name! Glory be to You, Lord Jesus Christ.

By AJ Jonathan

Monday, January 16, 2012


Sweetheart, I wish you the warmest and happiest b'day for this year. May you have love, joy, happiness and peace throughout the year. I love u soooooo much.

I dedicate these songs to you.. CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A schoolteacher wanted to show her students how dangerous drinking alcohol could be. She brought a jar of alcohol and an earthworm to class one day to demonstrate its effects. She dropped the worm into the alcohol and it died instantly. She then asked her students what this proved.

One student raised his hand and said, "if you drink a lot of alcohol, you won't get worms."

Monday, January 2, 2012



A school teacher injured his back and had to wear a plaster cast around the upper part of his body. It fit under his shirt and was not noticeable at all. On the first day of the term, still with the cast under his shirt, he found himself assigned to the toughest students in school. Walking confidently into the rowdy classroom, he opened the window as wide as possible and then busied himself with desk work. When a strong breeze made his tie flap, he took the desk stapler and stapled the tie to his chest. He had no trouble with discipline that term.

3 steps to follow in an exam hall:
1) Look up inspiration

2) Look down for concentration

3) Look around for information ;)


Q: How to kill an Ant? Asked in xam for 15 marks.
Engineer student: Mix chilli powder with Sugar & keep it outside the Ant's hole
After eating, Ant will search 4 water near a water tank.
Push ant into it. Now ant will go to dry itself near fire. Put a bomb into d fire.
Then admit d wounded ant in ICU.
Remove oxygen mask from it's mouth n kill d ant.
MORAL: Don't play wid ENGINEERS, they can do anything for 15 marks...

Kipindi hiki wanaume mnapokea simu na sms za aina gani?
'Dear, kodi ya pango inaisha January 2012 na mwenye nyumba ameongeza kodi. I love you much!'
'Baby, xmas itakuwaje nataka nikafanye shopping Mariedo. Na nataka kwenda kusuka mwenge, naomba TShs 1,000,000. Xoxo.'
'Mpenzi, sasa Kova utamdanganya vipi kuhusu ile safari yetu ya Zanzibar on new year's eve? Missing you badly!'
'Sweetie, naomba uniongezee TShs 600,000 niweze kumalizia school fees ya mdogo wangu. Kiss and hug.'
'Mama na wadogo zangu watakuwepo wakati wa sikukuu hii. Kwahiyo naomba hela ya shopping ya chakula my love. Bye!'
'Sweetheart, nimeishiwa naomba pesa ya mafuta kama TShs 200,000 ukiweza please. Chat later baby.'.


Katika shindano la kula ugali kwa mboga ya ajabu washindi watatu wa juu walikuwa kama ifuatavyo;
wa tatu alikula ugal akilumangia na chumvi mfuko mzma!
Wa pili alijipigilia ugali kwa bakuli la maji. Almanusura atwae kombe!
Na ndipo mshindi wa kwanza alipojitokeza na kuwafunika wote kwa kula ugali mkubwa na ugali mdogo kama mboga!


A young woman visits her parents and brings her fiancé to meet them. After an elaborate dinner, the mother tells her husband to find out about the young man. The father invites the fiancée to his library for a drink. So what are your plans? The father asks the young man. I am a Torah scholar. He says. A Torah scholar, Hmmm, the father says. Admirable, but what will you do to provide a nice house for my daughter to live in, as she is accustomed to? I will study, the young man said, and God will provide for us. And how will you buy her a beautiful engagement ring, such as she deserves? asks the father. I will concentrate on my studies, the young man replies, God will provide for us. And children? asks the father. How will you support children? Dont worry, sir, God will provide, replies the fiancé. The conversation continues like this, and each time the father questions, the young idealist insist that God will provide. Later, the mother asks, How did it go, Honey? The father answers, He has no job and no plans, but the good news is he thinks Im God.


If animals have Facebook, these are most likely to be their Status Updates,

COCKROACH: Managed to skip
from some one’s foot step.. Man, I
lead a dangerous lifestyle!

Cat: My 7th child is asking who is
her dad. What shall I tell her??, I
don’t even remember

Mosquito: I am HIV positive.. this
is all due to wrong sucking

Chicken: If tomorrow I don't
update my status, means I'm
being served at KFC. Love you all

Pig: Oh gosh they throw the
gossips that I am spreading flu…

Goat : Friends, don’t go out, Eid is
coming soon


A man and an ostrich walk into a restaurant. The waitress asks, "What will it be?"

The man replied "a burger and a coke." "And you?" "I'll have the same," the ostrich replies. They finish their meal and pay. "That will be $4.50," The man reached into his pocket and pulled out the exact amount. They do this every day till Fri.

"The usual?" she asked. "No, today is Friday. I'll have steak and a coke."

"Me too." says the ostrich. They finish and pay. "That will be $10.95"

The man reached in and pulls out the exact amount again just like all week.

The waitress was dumb-founded. "How is it that you always have the exact amount?"

"Well," says the man. "I was cleaning my attic and I found a dusty lamp. I rubbed it and a genie appeared." Wow!" said the waitress. "What did you wish for?"

"I asked that when I needed to pay for something, the exact amount would appear in my pocket." "Amazing! Most people would ask for a million dollars. But what's with the ostrich?" "Well," said the man. "I also asked for a chick with long legs."


A woman is walking on the road and a voice shouts out, "Don't take a step further." She obeys and suddenly a ton of bricks fall on the place where she would have otherwise been. She thinks she imagined it and keeps walking until suddenly the voice calls out again. "Don't take a step further." She stops and a car skids past. Then suddenly she hears the voice saying "I am your guardian angel, and I will warn you before something bad happens to you. Now do you have any questions to ask me?" Yes! Shouts the woman, "Just where were you on my wedding day!"