Friday, September 27, 2013

Yahaya weee

Yahaya kapata trip ya kikazi kwenda dodoma, kufika kamtafuta mmoja wa mademu wake wa Udom ili apate pa kupumlia, na malazi asave. Siku ya kuondoka akamuomba demu "amuazime" laki tatu cos ATM yake inazingua, akampa demu ATM na PIN akamwambia aitumie apendavyo apendeze. Kumbe ina buku tano tu! Msela kabla hajashtukiwa akakwea bus kurudi dar, njiani simu ikaisha charge ikazima, kafika home kaweka kwenye chaja kalala! Kuamka asubuhi anakuta msg ya jana toka kwa bosi "nimeweka Million 5, kwenye account yako usirudi kwanza ulipe mafundi"

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Emanuel TheChampion ft Steve RnB - Inspiration (Official Music Video)

The Humble Heart

Genesis 18:27; Leviticus 6:8–9; Psalm 37:11
The Christian faith is not seasonal, that you put it on Sundays and or other religious festivals. The fire has to keep burning in season and out of season. Not only when it’s all sunshine; everything is going well but also when it’s total darkness and nothing seems to work in your favor. Keep the fire burning throughout the night.
While we live in a society that teaches us that we must raise ourselves up and make ourselves noticed in order to get ahead in life, God's Word teaches us otherwise. It is specifically those who are quiet and humble, meek and unassuming, who will prosper in the end. It is the meek who will inherit the land and enjoy peace and prosperity.
Abraham was humble and obeyed God even when he didn't understand all that God had in plan. God raised him up and chose him to be the father of all nations.
God alone will decide who will enjoy prosperity, and He will give it over to those who are humble in their hearts.
While the haughty seek to raise themselves up higher and higher, God will bring them down and reduce them to dust and ashes. They try to become everything, so God makes them into nothing. There can only be one Master and none of us is it!
We need to submit our hearts fully to God. As we lower ourselves before Him, He will raise us up before others. Only the humble heart is truly beloved by God.
Begin and end each day by emptying your heart of arrogance and humbly submit to God’s will.

Mariam. (Mama Joe)
Grace is the heavenly resource behind all of God's promises.
Faith is the simple means of accessing that grace

Monday, September 9, 2013


Wakati benki ya XYZ inavamiwa, nikapiga 112 nikajibiwa KARIBU JESHI LA POLISI KITENGO CHA DHARULA, for kiswahili press 1 for english press 2, nikabonyeza 1, sauti ikasema kwa ajali ya barabarani au moto bonyeza 1 kwa ujambazi bonyeza 2, nikabonyeza 2, sauti ikasema: kama majambazi wana rungu, panga na visu bonyeza 1, pisto 2, SMG 3, AK 47 bonyeza 4, bomu 5 kama wanavyo vyote bonyeza 6, nikabonyeza 6. Sauti ikasema mmh! Ndugu yangu ungekuwa wewe ni polisi ungeenda kweli?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Diamond Platnumz - My number one (Official Ogopa Video)

Diamond Platnumz - Number One Behind the scene (VIDEO MAKING) in South A...

Congrats to the Newly Weds - Mussa and Myoma Chilala

Dar es Salaam en bici

Victory Over Guilt

John 3:16-17
At times, people are bound by guilt long after the feeling should have been resolved. Some rightly live with it because they refuse to give up the sin that brought it on. Meanwhile, others suffer the weight of false guilt because they harbor shame that doesn't belong to them. Whatever the root cause of your condemnation, the battle plan remains the same.
Victory over guilt begins with understanding that Jesus took our shame to the cross and paid our penalty. There is no way that we can pay for our own sin. But we do need to honestly identify the source of our guilt and confess before God. That means we agree with His perspective on what we've done. In other words, we admit when we're wrong. Repentance goes a step further: we turn away from the wrong and choose to do right.
Confronting guilt in this way replaces the weight of shame in our heart with peace and joy, which are far lighter and more freeing. And an amazing side effect is that we have wisdom to share. Openness about our past mistakes, resulting consequences, guilt burdens, and forgiveness can reveal the Lord to those in our sphere of influence. Through our witness, God may reach others who need their guilt chains broken.
The battle to overcome guilt is one that should not be delayed. The feeling won't just go away. Whether your condemnation is true or false, it needs to be dealt with quickly. Stop running, and face the source of your guilt. It's time to end your captivity and start walking in the joy of God's blessing.