Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Track : LEO LEO by Jokate Mwegelo ft. Ice Prince

Unaweza kuisikiliza Leo Leo ya Jokate Mwegelo Ft Ice Prince na Kuidownload kupitia ️

Monday, March 23, 2015

Wise Words

YES! You can get anything you want if you go right. It is about aligning yourself to strategies and positivity to achieve endless possibilities. We come with different forms of energies so we move in different powers; it really only starts when you find yours...

Life is a war some fight in chariots and others with Iscariots; some emotionally and some physically. We would always achieve and win more in life if we connect to our natural unique strength. What is yours???

I learnt yesterday the best kind of occupation is getting paid for your vocation. I found out over time against all odds what is left is just you. If you came naked and going back just you; why not be the best of you through your time here. Finding your uniqueness is finding your super power and also your super purpose!!!

Let's have a great week being our super selves. 

Akanni Temiyato

Friday, March 20, 2015


                                    FRESH JUMBE NA ABBU OMARY

Ukumbi: Sonudai-Kanagawa Prefecture, Sagamihara City,


Mwanamuziki mahili wa muziki wa dansi Ally Choki ambaye pia ni kiongozi wa bendi ya Extra Bongo aka "Wazee wa Kizigo" anatarajiwa kutingisha jukwaa siku ya Jumamosi 21.Machi 2015 ambapo wanamuziki wa Eagle's Vission watakuwepo kumsindikiza Ally Choki anayefuatana na Super Nyamwela.Katika onyesho hilo
wakongwe wawili wa muziki wa dansi watanzania wanaoishi Japan wanamuziki
Fresh Jumbe Mkuu na Abbu Omary watakuwepo jukwaani kuwapa baraka zote
wadogo zao Ally Choki na Super Nyamwela katika ukumbi wa Sehemu inaitwa Sonudai-Kanagawa Prefecture, Sagamihara City pembeni kiduchu ya Jiji la Tokyo.

Madhumuni ya ziara ya Ally Choki na Super Nyamwela ni kuangalia ushirikiano na uwezekano wa soko la muziki wa dansi wa Tanzania "Bongo Dansi" ili muziki huo uweze kushika kasi kubwa na soko Japan na mashariki ya mbali kwa ujumla,Pia
uwezekano wa bendi ya Extra Bongo kufanya ziara za kimataifa. Wadau msikose
kujitokeza kwa wingi katika Onyesho hili waswahili usema 'Chereko Chereko na mwenye mwana"

Daily Fitness - Stretch

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Joke LOL


Driver: Kijana naomba unijazie  tank yangu.

Petrol attendant: I only speak English sir, could you please say that in English?

Driver: Oh! Ok Good morning, I currently feel a profound desire to replenish the propellant of my motorized automobile, therefore I cordially request that you transfer from your subterranean reservoir a sufficient quantity of the combustible fluid of the highest octane rating to fill the
appropriate receptacle of the said means of perambullation to the brim.

Petrol attendant: Mheshimiwa hutaniwi? Mimi naongea kiswahili tuu.

A Quiz and an answer i didn't expect

A wife asked her husband to drop her off at a friends house, where a wedding reception was taking place.

He responded that he would be too busy throughout the day in the office, and gave her some money to use as taxi for transport.

He left for the office. The wife took a Taxi to the wedding reception,there she met a fine Girl and they got talking to each other. Soon they became friends.

In the evening when everyone was leaving, the Girl asked the Woman how she was going home. She replied that her husband was too busy in the office to pick her up so she would use a taxi.

The Girl responded; "My boyfriend brought me here and would be coming to pick me up. I just spoke to him on the phone and he's on his way. Why don't you join me in his car and we would drop you at your house"

The woman agreed.

A few minutes later, her husband's car arrived. As she was still shocked, the Girl jumped into the front passengers seat of the car and asked the Woman to sit at the backseat, which she did confused and perturbed.

Then the Girl introduced her new friend to her boyfriend. When the man turned around to greet the woman, he recognized her as his wife.

Nothing much was said along the way. He dropped the wife at home first as planned and proceeded to drop the Girl at her house.........

The question now is: If you were the wife, what would you do when your husband returns home?

If you were the husband, what would you say to your wife when you return home.

An interesting answer from one of my friends

Hahaha arudi tu nyumbani....Atakuta na chakula nimepika na nguo za kesho kazini nimenyoosha na maji ya moto yapo kila kitu kipo intact.

Afya Bora #1

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Wise Words

Freedom of expression is a great gift often abused. You're limited when you don't have it and there's no limit when it is allowed. It can be used in different forms and for different purposes. It can be a weapon of change or that of destruction.

Words are the easiest and best medium of expression. Its the general accepted form of communication. It is that our daily form of expression. It is our everyday survival tool. If you can't communicate then you can't navigate. If you can't navigate you can't get what you want or need.

To be successful we have to develop our expression. The quality and uniqueness of artistic expressions establish the value they attract. The truth in your words earns you respect and trust. Whether its business or a relationship, be it a challenge or whatever you can imagine. There's no limit to what we can achieve with the freedom to express. Don't abuse it but use it wisely...

Let's have a great week communicating our way to our goals. 

Akanni Temiyato