Tuesday, February 28, 2012

oh my...(am all smiles)

saw him on few episodes of 'parenthood' as Haddie's boyfriend, oh i liiiiiiked him..then watching him on 'CHRONICLE' dayaaam..was ahem.
omg, i just started watching house season 8 episode 14 and guess who i see..this guy..ooh man..my crush just went up 90%. :)
Michael B. Jordan

i just luv these dresses ;)

Frieda Pinto

Since leaping to fame in Slumdog Millionaire 4years ago, Freida Pinto has become a regular on 'most beautiful women in the world' lists.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

BABY YOGA...my foot..this is just wrong.

AISEE, I WOULDN'T LET THIS BE DONE TO MY BABY, SCARY ISH...what happens when the baby falls jamani??

It's the hurly learning centre! Babies left screaming in terror as they are swung round head of 'baby yoga' guru who claims it is GOOD for them. Many viewers believed the moves must have been performed on dolls but the 51-year-old says they are definitely real babies and she has been practising the techniques for the past 30 years.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2106678/Lena-Fokina-Babies-left-screaming-swung-round-head-baby-yoga-guru.html#ixzz1nbKkcCGW

Cab driver admits selling 'bad cocaine' to Amazing Race producer who died in Uganda

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2106634/Jeff-Rice-cause-death-Amazing-Race-producer-died-bad-cocaine-Uganda.html#ixzz1nXbpGcgx

A cab driver has confessed to selling American television producer Jeff Rice the tainted drugs which killed him in a hotel in Uganda, it emerged today.
Moses Kalanzi, a 23-year-old 'special hire driver', was arrested for allegedly supplying contaminated cocaine to Mr Rice and his assistant Kathryne Fuller, who has been left paralysed after taking the drug.
The driver is co-operating with police and could face charges for his role in the transaction, according to Ugandan newspaper the Daily Monitor.
'There was constant communication between the special hire driver and Rice on phone about the purchase of the drugs,' said a police spokesman. 'So we want to know the source of the drugs and how it is trafficked into the country.' Father-of-two Mr Rice, 39, who worked on the series The Amazing Race, was discovered slumped over a table bleeding from his nose and mouth at the Serena hotel in the capital, Kampala. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

meet him on feb 29th..lol

kigulu wangu oyeee

Unconditional love or clingy?..hhmmm I wonder!!


I read this article on msn and i had to share..i openly admit to being one of those clingy chicks..sob sob sob...not funny but what the heck.

Do you have a strong desire to always be with your sweetheart? Can’t keep thinking about him or her? Smothering him/her with your love? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you are heading towards the ‘Clingy’ way. Ah! Sucks doesn’t it? It was only in fairytale romances and fiction that two lovers were inseparable. In real life, if you stay joined at the hip, the results can be disastrous. Forget about happily ever after, your love will run a mile just to get away from all the smothering you have to offer. We get it that you are in love and you want to spend every waking hour with him/her. But think about it, wouldn’t it be better if you had a life of your own and your love had one too?

Another thing that’s wrong with clinging is the PDA. Walking hand in hand, gazing into each other’s eyes, whispering sweet nothings – all this makes other people uncomfortable. This is mostly done when there’s an insecurity that lies deep within you. You want people to know that your guy/girl is taken.

Research indicates that women/men who cling to their partners or are needy, jealous and possessive suffer from low self esteem issues and have a constant fear that their partner will cheat on them. This is one of the major reasons why a great relationship comes to a bitter end. You tend to fight a lot more and quibble over nothing. Just because your girl or guy looks at another person, it does not amount to cheating and it certainly is not a big deal. But, if he/she starts ogling and really checks this hottie out, then that is showing disrespect to you and you have reason enough to be uncomfortable and angry.

Don’t treat your partner like he/she is your property and no one else should dare even look at him/her. A fear of rejection or abandonment should not lead to you behaving recklessly. Respect your partner and learn to trust him/her. If you worry about each and every person who looks at your partner, you are in trouble!

The fear of losing your partner to someone else is something that most people do feel at one point or the other, especially when you are together for a long time. This fear, however, often creates problems and tensions in a relationship, and brings bitterness between two lovers. The more you cling, the farther the distance will be between you two. Emotionally insecurity is a big turn off, not just for men but for women too. Incessant calling, continuous text messaging are all signs of insecurity. If you see your partner drifting away, it can be painful but the best thing to do under such circumstances is to let him/her have her space and come back to you. Go back to being the person you were before your relationship started. You had friends, hobbies, a life filled with happy and fun moments. You didn't have a boyfriend/girlfriend back then but you were happy and carefree. Being that person again is important, as losing who you were completely for a relationship can only lead to suffocation and unhappiness. Remember your partner fell in love with you because you were fun to be around with and there were things about you that kept him or her intrigued. There was an eagerness to meet and spend time...Bring that back by finding yourself again!