Saturday, February 26, 2011

Live, Love, Give and Enjoy!! (world is a family)

Hi everyone,

So i know i've been silent for a while but now am back. Last week on 16th Feb 2011, I and many other people (who i can now call friends) boarded a train to Delhi then on the 18th (night) we arrived in Chandigarh where WOSY (World Organization of Students and Youths.... had organized their 5th International Seminar on "Celebrating Diversity". It was one of those moments where you just need a break from whatever it is you've been doing so you decide to take a trip and see what the next day brings...(well this trip is what we all needed and no one was disappointed - i think)  On this trip there's so much i can say but time is not on my side, all i can say is that, truly world is a family. I mean, you go to a place and everyone around you is different, coming from different countries, having different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, outlooks..etc. It's such an amazing experience to say the truth.

It's also funny how i only knew 5 people when i got into the train, but when we disembarked on the 25th Feb, I knew almost everyone (not necessarily in details, but their names, where they come from, etc) and i think in few months from now, if i happen to run into any1 of these people on the streets i will recognize them (if i do not remember their names, i hope to be forgiven coz a lawyer's mind can play tricks sometimes).

Anyhoo, On 18th feb 2011 around 38 international students from bangalore/Mysore went to Chandigarh where we met other international students (don't know the exact number, but it's more than 230). The train ride was crazy, it was a mix of fun and boredom and that little voice inside that kept saying, 'gosh can we just reach there already'. As tired as we all were, people still managed to make friends with other people we met at the conference.

On the 19th and 20th the main conference took place, we got to hear from different eminent persons, we also got to hear about different cultures LIVE from the natives of such places. There were dances and songs, and laughter, and good meals and making friendship...and how can i forget SHOPPING. lol..all in all, Chandigarh (in Punjab state) is a well planed city, i honestly loved the architect and the scenery of the whole place. The city looks nice day and night, there's hardly a chance one would get lost in Chandigarh.

On 21st we left Chandigarh to visit Shimla. Shimla is a city in the state of Himachal Pradesh, it is a hill station and the weather is just beautifully cold (not annoying cold). We got to see the University there, then we went to the Mall. I must be honest here and praise what i saw. The city is just sooooo beautiful, omg, i loved the old British town, it's just so western and the place is civilized, clean, descent, appealing to the eyes, i just felt like out of the place (India) but i always admit that India is the only country where you can see it all, the extreme beautiful and the extreme ugly.

In some parts of Shimla it snows...this is where everyone was excited (to see snow in India). Less did we know that we'd need a horse ride to reach our be honest, i trust my own two legs better than a horse (no offence).

On reaching Delhi (23rd feb), the group split into two..some went to Agra to see the Taj Mahal and others remained in Delhi for a little rest before heading back to a very uncomfy train ride.

I'm humbly thankful and honored to have met everyone , i really appreciate the experience and new friendship i made. Much love to y'all. Thanks everyone.

                                                        Bolo, Oyuna, Nick, Syed, Eric

Kenneth, Harold, Thinley  

The boys and the Bull...or vice versa

Syed, Syroos, Tina, Kenneth, Harold

this monkey took my ketchup and ate

By Addy / Tina

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A paradise called Zanzibar

So being born and raised in Tanzania mainland for over 20 years, my sister and i had never been to the 'soul' of Tanzania, i.e Zanzibar. on July 2010 my sister and her husband went to Zanzibar for their honeymoon. My friend Jose and I crashed the honeymoon ( i know what you are thinking, but we can't be blamed for being adventurous). The four of us took a Dar express morning bus (6:30 a.m) from Arusha to Dar es salaam. On reaching Ubungo bus terminal we had to rush to the Ferry so that we could catch the 4p.m ferry to Zanzibar, so we got in the first taxi we saw and we went to Posta Ferry. We boarded a Kilimanjaro Boat / Ferry and it took us almost 2 and a half hours to reach Zanzibar (Unguja). The sun was setting by the time we reached Zanzibar but even in the dark i could feel and see the beauty of the historical place. For some reason i like the narrow roads even though they can easily get you lost if your geography is not that good.

 We lodged in a hotel in Stone Town and that night we went to the night market where i was astonished at what i saw. The variety of sea foods got my mouth watery and the only thing running through my mind at that moment was I GOTTA HAVE IT ALL..the shark meat, octopus, crab, etc etc etc..but i ended up having an entire octopus for old times sake..YEEEEEEEY. The view of the ocean from Forodhani (night market) was very calming..i enjoyed the night, the view but most of all the seafood.Apart from touring around Stone Town, which was a very healthy walk by the way, but i enjoyed the quietness of south Unguja - Kizimkazi. We lodged in a really nice Villa for two days and i wished we didn't have to leave. We took a boat ride to see the dolphins in the Indian ocean, i must admit i fell in love with the dolphins the minute i got to see them "live". Thing is, i think am hydrophobic...but the thought of me being in the ocean surrounded by those beautiful mammals, i just let go of my fears and dived in...then it suddenly clicked 'I CAN'T SWIM'..well, the rest is alive aren't I? lol.

the old fort
Zanzibar has so much to offer. Who would have thought such a small island that united with Tanganyika to form Tanzania would have such an amazing beauty that would leave you in awe of what God has done for this magnificent country.
If you ever find yourself in Zanzibar, please please please, i beg you....DO GO SEE THE DOLPHINS, wake up with the sun and stay by the sea to watch the sunset. You will not regret those moments..i promise you! For those many who love their meals tasty and with mouth watering aroma, do make an effort to visit the spice'll find all the spices you could ever need, starting from Tea Masala to cloves that will leave your meals/tea smelling like an Indian professional cuisine.

I promise myself to go visit Zanzibar once again. If not with a bunch of friends for a wild weekend then maybe with my fun crew "NOORIE JANE, TAYLOR, JOSE" or just for my 'REAL HONEYMOON'  ;-)

God bless Tanzania.

(For my friends who plan to visit Zanzibar, call me on +255 782 44 77 77 for more details n contacts of persons there)