Thursday, September 6, 2018

Do you know your calling?

I read the devotional message below on the Bible app and felt the need to share this with you! The devotional is titled DISCERNING YOUR CALLING! Enjoy the message:


Throughout Scripture, God reveals three primary pointers on the road to discerning our calling: our passions, our giftings, and our opportunities to use the combination of those two to glorify God and serve others.

Have you ever wondered why God created the earth and humankind? He certainly didn’t need to. So in one sense, it appears that God created for the pure joy of creating. It’s impossible to read the creation account in Genesis 1 without imagining the thrill God must have had bringing the earth into being, flinging the stars into the sky, and turning the oceans loose. This truth points us to the first question on the road to discerning our calling: What are you passionate about? In other words, what work brings you unspeakable joy?

Isaiah 64:8 says that “We are the clay, and [God] our potter.” Through Scripture and human experience, we innately understand that God uses our passions to mold and shape who we are as individuals. One of the ways in which He molds us and helps us to discern our vocational calling is by designing us with unique passions, the things in life that bring us pure joy. Are you passionate about entrepreneurship, photography, music, arts, law, coffee, sales, or medicine? Those passions are from the Lord! As Psalm 139:13-14 reminds us, God is the one who knitted us together, passions and all.

But while discerning our calling requires that we first identify our passions, passion alone is not enough to make our chosen work a calling. If we stop with the passion question, we will have identified the work we are most eager to do, but we will not have found our calling. Why? Because our work can only be a calling if God calls us to it and we work for His glory and the service of others, rather than the service of self. How do we glorify God and serve others through our work? By choosing work that aligns our passions with the gifts God has given us, allowing us to do exceptional work.

Read more of this devotional on the Bible app.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

What have you been passionate about your entire life?

I got my first camera from our Swedish neighbor Mr. Ulf, it was a disposable camera. I was 9 years old at the time, I think. I had it everywhere I went. That's when I started falling in love with cameras. In 1998 I made my dad buy me a camera, I used it a lot in Arusha to take family pictures. In 1999 I started going to school with my camera, I remember there was a day we were paid a visit by Hon. Juma Kapuya and I asked him if I could take a picture of him and he said yes, so I did. Apparently my teacher called my mom and told her that I go to school with my camera and he worries that it might interfere with my studies. But that never stopped me. 

I continued taking pictures when I moved to Dar to do my Secondary school education. I had my camera at every school events, fashion shows, last day of exams, you name it. 

My best friends were my models, I don't remember any of my best friend denying to model for me. I really do appreciate that by the way. FRIENDS ARE A GIFT FROM GOD. 

I got my first digital camera from my sister Noorie back in 2006 and I was so happy. I went with it everywhere including church. I took pictures of everything and uploaded them to our family laptop. 

When I was in India, I once went to MORE mega store and I saw this really nice camera, it was a Sony camera with a good zoom. I fell in love with it right away. I used my entire pocket money to buy that camera for $300. I came to that decision because I was in the store for 2 hours. Whenever I walked away from the camera section, I went right back again in less than 10 minutes. So I decided to buy the camera because I knew I would be so heart-broken if I left without buying it. 

I kept advancing to better cameras as time went by and of course when I had the cash. 

In 2012 I fell in love with Nikon 5100, I wanted to buy it so badly but had to use the cash for something else. I eventually bought a Nikon 5200 in 2014 and I was so happy. That was my very first DSLR camera. I was both confused and scared of using it because I didn't want to break anything (mostly because I don't like reading the manual), but I eventually got the hang of it. The challenge came in learning about ISO, F.stop, Shutter Speed, depth of field. I mean the list goes on and on. 

It wasn't easy learning all these new terminologies and their meaning and to actually make use of them in practical sense. Knowing what does what and how I can make it work for me in the next picture I took. 

I read articles, watched YouTube videos, hangout with photographers just so that I can learn something new. 

My Camera is my escape! When I work behind a camera, I forget my emotions at that time. I forget what made me sad, or happy or whatever. I am able to bring my creative ideas into life because I have a camera that I can use to do so. 

I believe finding your passion can be the answer to many problems you may be facing in life. I know my passion for being behind a camera has taken me places and given me the ability to dream and dare for more. I know I am not perfect yet, but I believe that I will get there someday.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

JOEL LWAGA - Sitabaki Nilivyo (Official Video)


Sitabaki Nilivyo (I Shall Not Remain The Same)
Maisha haya, ninapita tu
(I am only passing through this life)
Hali hii ya sasa ni kwa muda tu
(My present condition is only for a time)
Ushindi wangu, U karibu nami (My victory is close)
Mtetezi wangu, yu hai (Because my Defendeer lives)

Sitabaki kama nilivyo
(I shall not remain the same) x4

Silalamiki, wala sikufuru
(I do not complain, nor do I blaspheme)
Najua ni darasa napitishwa
(I know it is a trial I am put through)
Imani yangu ipo kwenye kipimo
(My Faith is is being measured on a scale)
Najua nitapita tu (I know I shall prevail)
Sitamani za wengine wala sijilinganishi
(I do not desire others’, neither do I compare myself)
Najua wakati wangu upo (I know my time is coming)
Siogopeswhi na mapito ninayoyapitia
(I am not afraid of my trials)
Namwamini yule aliyeruhusu nipite
(For I trust He who allowed I pass through this)


Mtetezi wangu (My Defender lives)
Yu hai (Yu hai) (Lives (is alive)) x3 (Repeat)
Sitabaki kama nilivyo (I shall remain as I am) (Repeat)

Friday, August 3, 2018

Meet N Mingle August 18th

See you next Saturday at the @wateringhole_patio for our funfilled speed networking event. To book your spot in advance or get more info about the event call 0752487449 or 0655368988. Cover charge - 5,000! Save the date and don't miss the fun.