Monday, January 2, 2017



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Almost everyone is talking about 2017 , different expectations & plans are lined up,   everyone is believing God for the best & new things. You must understand that the change you expect will not just come to you because it's 2017 , the newness of 2017 is not just in calendar days & dates. There must be something notable & visible that separates 2016 & 2017. For change to transpire it goes beyond mere wishes & plans ; you must prepare & apply principles that attracts new things. Real change is a product of action there's no change without action , after planning & declaring you must take the appropriate action. You can't experience change in 2017 simply because it's 2017 , if you enter 2017 without changing your old habits & lifestyle, you can always experience same issues. Before you change your circumstances you must change your character & attitude; change is not a coincidence, it's attracted by a particular character. Develop a character that attracts change & new life experiences in 2017. I know you are expecting new things in 2017 , the question  is what adjustments are you prepared to implement in 2017. What errors have you decided to correct in 2017 ? If there's none I'm afraid you might face the same challenges in 2017 , It is my prayer for 2017 to be different for you. Wish you A BLISSFUL and BLESSED year