Monday, July 20, 2015



Strongly, I have been attracted to quite a lot of people and things in my life. I've missed some and gotten some. I've gone for some and I've have had to leave some to just pass. Just being myself, I've attracted some coming for me too while the best connections naturally just happened.

I have long stopped chasing what's running away. I've been concentrating more on what's coming back for me and moving along my life direction. The earlier we start loving who's loving our good, the earlier we start appreciating true love. The earlier we start doing business with who's got something good to offer back, the earlier we start gaining real results. It starts just putting our needs over our wants and we would start making that real progress...  

Life is too short to spend it wasting your energies where they wouldn't be appreciated. You are unique and specially made for greatness but need the right people around to manifest. Stop living in fantasy of wishes and start settling into the reality of just being the best of you for what's good for you.

Let's have a great week giving our best for our good!

Akanni Temiyato

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