Monday, July 6, 2015

Plus (+) and Minus (-)


Let them say whatever they want to say about you. The mouth is meant for talking so let them exercise it. Trust me, you can't please everybody. Whether you're doing good or bad, people just can't be satisfied. I have seen many great individuals drain their energy reserve in self destruction trying to paint the perfect picture.

Stop living your life to please everybody and start staying more around people living to make you happy. You are not into this world to only give.  D but to receive too. Don't live your life always following when you can start some big things. It takes more energy to fake than to be real so why waste your given public reserve on selfish interest? 

The balance of life is in the plus(+) and the minus(-). Until you can master the act of giving and taking can you really be successful in life. Because I have given much in life the universe is now paying me back. I would not just sit down and wait for that to happen. I would go for what's mine and also get what's coming for me. I would be myself always on my right spot being the best of me.

Let's have a great week being original living for our success. 

Akanni Temiyato

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