Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Change is the only thing said to be constant. We live all the days of our lives in pursuit of changes. We live in a world driven by change so we live by change. Change is one of the cheapest commodities but hardest property.

When it wants you it gets you. When it has you it moves you along. It is not your choice you're changing. Growing up is not your decision, you can only work on how well you do. We can make a change in change influencing it with our actions. To get any kind of change you need to input enough energy to trigger that particular change.

There are changes that come to us naturally but to get super changes we need extra right actions. You can decide to let nature move you or push for nature to  make things work better for you. To get something new you need to do something new. To get more you need to stop complaining blaming yourself and others; just do more...

Let's have a great new month taking more real actions for desired change.

Akanni Temiyato

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