Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A letter to Self.

my dear Maureen Sweetie wa Andrew
i have been observing closely your life for the past...years on this earth. i came to realize that you are one beautiful, loving, intelligent,caring, smart, adorable young woman. it has not been easy for you since childhood my dear but trust me all will be well someday babe gal it is just a matter of time. you have been a great believer and a woman of faith but nowadays something is not so right somewhere so please do something about it. i know you thing god does not love you because of all that your going through but he does and its time for you to go back to him.

since ur mum left you, u feel like the world is over because she was your own true love, guess what it is not. she is watching over you as your raising your three siblings and she is proudly saying"that's my gal" your so far good. remember your mama loved you and always will honey pie. keep the family together, watch over your father r your mum, make sure Rita becomes a good girl as well as Alex and Massimo because they need you and you need them, all you have is each other my dear plus they love you.

keep up with school my dear your almost done. i know you the road map seems dim but u will see the light since god has a lot in store for you. so make sure you finish your school in time. God has not brought you this far to shame you angel. No way.

About relationships sweetheart not now, spare yourself a little bit of time and all will be well trust me. the one u love with all u got is not interested so don't waste that energy. i know he will always be in your heart but its time to clean that chamber of your heart and start creating space for what is coming coz it will shock even you. don't force yourself to love, it should be effortless, don't fear of age or peer pressure no.we are all different.

i know you love your friends darling a lot, keep loving them as u have always.whether they deserve it or not. love even those who have betrayed you. those you trusted and they stripped you off, those who lied about you,etc, keep loving coz that's what you know how to do best.

Now babe gal, the hard part, the hurts talking about it but let it go babe, let it go. met those relationships. they betrayed the person you love and that hurts, they wore masks trying to pretend to be good but were foxes, let it go. forgive then for your self and for your mum's sake. let it go honey, let it go.

my dear lets end here for today, will meet again soon my love.i am always here for you and i love you. keep that in mind. I LOVE YOU SWEETIE.

with love
your soul
  source; Maureen Sweetie Andrew