Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Word Of The Wise

Nobody is perfect... You have to believe in yourself. Let nobody put you down or put you out. Everybody has a point of view and so do you. Let nobody make you believe they have a better view than you. There's a reason why you are where you stand, there are somethings you can see they simply can't... Learn from people but don't let them change you. Nobody knows how you feel better than you do. What you feel is what your spirit and body is telling you, what they see is purely their assumptions from what they can see. The combination of what they see and what you feel explains better where you stand in the loop. We all need one another to complete each other and not to change who we are. If they didn't create you then they can't understand why you're you. It is your duty to find yourself and be the best you can. You are made for great works so let no one limit you, you have to be really strong in this world full of distractions. Be thankful to God for being you and be confident in you. Do have a great rest of the week appreciating and being the best of you.

By @Atemiyato Akanni Temiyato

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