Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Words of the Wise

Starting something New is more demanding than you imagined.You need to give it that more to make it work.To make things happen you have to accept the fact you can't do it alone.Do what you can well and get right assistance where you can't. Don't be greedy for what you amass would only slow you down.Don't be proud for that would only bring you down.Make sure you're surrounded by the right people complementing your dream.Be appreciative and empower them.Build a good plan and a working team.Get started doing that new something.Great things they say start small so you can begin from anywhere.Remember even things you do free for the right people would rebound back to give you a positive lift.Create a brand and feed a demand.Work with the right business support and you're good to go.If God made the universe work together for life to be possible then you can give life to something NEW.

@Atemiyato Akanni Temiyato

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