Monday, November 2, 2015


You get what you ask for. What you believe makes who you become. What you accept and allow are the things you find around you. Where you are now is a distance you covered. The world is driven by science and the spiritual. There's need for action for equal reaction. For geometric reactions you have to cross some targeted multiple right actions.

You can't expect a million worth result for a thousand value of work. The world is driven by ground rules you can't tamper with. If you follow due processes you can get almost anything and anywhere. If you do what you need to do, you would one day get what's deserved.

You can't cheat nature, neither can nature rob you of what it gave you. When it comes naturally, you get the best value at the right time. Act quickly but don't rush your moves. Take more actions and talk less. Do your best always and leave the rest to God. You're limitless so open your heart and sour high like a rocket...

Akanni Temiyato

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