Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Know Your Roots

Everybody's individual life journey began from somewhere. It started with a family that's why we always carry along a surname after our first identity. Family is our first interaction with the world so nobody knows you better than them. The connection in blood makes the bond the most powerful driving force. When you are good and even with family you create a clear spiritual ambience that clears road for positive results.

Most time we get caught up in the hustle of life and we almost forget where we started from.  To know where you're headed, you have to understand where you are coming from. Your family history and your growing up story would tell a lot about your personality and life purpose.  The reasons we have so many distractions all over the world is to take us far away from our roots so we can be easily manipulated by people in power. The Africans are gradually loosing core traditions to new beliefs and trending lifestyles.

The world is presently so mixed up it is hard to find original breeds. The more you dilute a drink, the more it loses its concentration and power. You are a unique breed of a special content that can be found nowhere else. The people and the things you interact with should be the ones that complements and not destroy your true identity inside. Your quality lies in the value of your originality so be a good family name ambassador and keep being the best of the original you.

Akanni Temiyato

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