Thursday, July 17, 2014


Being down is not the end of the world. Facing challenges is nothing new on earth. Failure has been there right from the beginning. Good and bad can't exist without each other. To win or to loose are equal options parallel to each other.

Sometimes we score and sometimes we miss. Some things we get and some we miss. Like left is to right so is the up is to the down. Our choices either fail or succeed. The combinations of our right and wrong decisions take us to our goals. If you go wrong the first time, you can fix the bad decisions and get it right the second time.

Don't waste your precious time crying over mistakes but rather channel that energy to fixing them. All you need is just the right steps in the right direction for that big break. Just know yourself, follow your passion, believe in you, believe in God and stay focused. The only one stopping you is you... Have a great rest of the week learning you and being the best of you

By @Atemiyato

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