Thursday, July 10, 2014

Me vs. Snake = RUUUUUN

I was in such a good mood on tuesday, so i decided to go for a long walk with Remi. Well, on my way to this "long way" i ran into a snake - i was petrified. Being me, all i know when i see a snake is to RUN. As i tried to run away i stepped on Remi's leash, tripped then fell (and so did she..poor dog). I got up and walked so fast back to the house as if a ghost was catching up to me. 

When i got home i realised that i injured my knee, so i texted Noorie and Taylor, and guess what i discovered there is such a thing as "garden snake". Well, where i come from when i see a snake I it a garden snake or not. But then i felt so foolish for not knowing all this. I practically made a fool of myself when i tripped and fell while in the mean time the poor snake was in fact non-poisonous and i bet more scared of me than i was of it. What a mess!

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