Friday, May 30, 2014

Words Of The Wise

We have lost a lot to bad communication. We assume our message has been passed but fail to listen from the receivers side. Are they really getting me? Many times, we get angry unnecessarily because someone close to us fail to do what we believe they know they should. But you should know the human subconscious mind is constantly filled with personal matters like survival, responsibilities, wants and more.

You have to be in line with someone's persona and goal to be in their picture. Sometimes you have to put yourself in their picture by making them understand why you or your product has a part to play in their life movie. So next time you're talking, buying or selling something, make sure you're passing your message with more right words than big words, more expression than impression; and more action than talking.

Let's have a successful week #Communicating.

@Atemiyato Akanni Temiyato

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