Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Angels in real life

We sometimes pray to see Angels in our lives, but Angels are in our everyday life. I see them everyday, at home, in my neighborhood, at school, in the streets.  I'm saying this coz even when the most SHITY things happen to me, YET there's a something WONDERFULthat happens and cheers me up. I'm learning to appreciate every little thing that happens in my life, the things that I don't deserve and yet GOD JUST GIVES TO ME. 

I saw an Angel when;
- A kid washed my windshield at moroko and i didn't have cash to pay him and he said "hamna tatizo dada"
-My friend Sue for giving me a lunch treat
-My neighbors and shopkeeper for helping me out with my ride pull
-My not so close neighbor for giving me a ride
-My friend Meddy for always being there for my family
-My friend Jacky and Carl for the Forum, free food and a donee
-My sis Nou York for constantly encouraging me (her long distant call today really helped)

the list is endless, but what i'm trying to say is that AM THANKFUL for the little miracles in my life coz God has sent Angels to bless me.."JESUS GOT MY BACK" #JGMB