Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What are you accomplishing in 2017

Hey you,
What goals did you plan to accomplish this year? And how far have you gone to doing that? We are ending the 1st quarter of the year, what have you done to boost your chances of seeing your dream come to life? 2017 is a year of all things good! Don't waste in on just dreaming, wake up and bring your dream to life.
I have been quite lazy I must admit. I lost focus of my goals and dreams. Somehow I gave up and decided to be okay with working for other people and putting no effort on my goals.
Lately, I have been reading motivational articles on accomplishing goals and seeing a bigger picture, and I'm fired up. The reason why I wanted to be employed is so that I can save up or at least purchase the things that I need for my Photography and Boutique business. And now that I have somehow made a progress, I need to invest my time and energy to my dreams, I don't necessarily have to quit my day job :) but I should not be lazy and neglect my dream.

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