Monday, March 21, 2016

Wazal Collection 2017 "Ova Tete" is colorful and chic

A Cameroonian designer living in Paris France has launched his new 2016/2017 Collection labelled Wazal "Ova Tété". This collection is inspired by a Cameroonian slang 'ova' which means bigger and noble person. And Tété which refers to chic and bourgeois. In addition, the word chic here is used to describe the amazing and modern appearance of the clothing. Therefore those who have good taste and know how to dress well are characterized as chic. Noble and quality materials were used in this collection, including first choice wax (African print) from Senegal or Mali. He is quoted saying "I will say this collection is indecent, 10 years in advance or shameless 5 years in advance. I prefer being ahead because the fashion world is in constant evolution"
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