Friday, March 11, 2016

Mamatembo in 7 points.

1. I love God - I strive to be righteous, and actually have a relationship with Him. As a human being I tend to fail in so many different occasions. I will not use this as an excuse. I try my best whenever I can and God knows how much I try and even when I'm lazy and rigid to accept His will for my life, He knows, so please, no judgement I beg. 

2.  I love my family - PERIOD. there is nothing more i can say about this. 

3. I love music - to me, music can get my attention either through the lyrics, the beats, the composition, the emotion to which a song is sang. etc.

4. I love cameras - I got my first camera back in 1995 from a neighbor who really liked me because I used to babysit their daughter. It was a disposable one, but I kept it for as long as I could. In 1998 I asked my dad to buy me a non-disposable camera, and I got a nice camera but I don't remember the brand. I used to go to school with it (Arusha School) in 1998 to 1999.

5. I am in love with love - From excessive counseling from my dear sister, I realized that I have been in love with love itself, that's why I ended up looking past the bad things my boyfriends ever did to me, because I love love and I failed to realize if someone loved me they would do everything in their power and ability not to hurt me, intentionally.

6. I love my friends - deep down I'm a very loyal friend, I don't mind being there for my friends, to support them in anyway I can. But growing up I came to realize, I can't always be there for people, because sometimes it's okay to love people from a distance. If they choose to be in my life then well and good, if they don't, well I can be there on their special occasions (birthdays, wedding, children's birthdays, funeral, etc) I just can't be available at all times. It's not humanly possible.  

7. I love traveling - Give me a valid passport, money to pay for my vacation (or a free ticket) and a visa and am outta here. Exploring different cultures is always good, knowing what makes other people different or similar to my people is a priceless knowledge.

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