Monday, December 14, 2015

You are Important


Heaven helps those who help themselves so it begins with you. The journey of a million miles they say starts with one.  You are a great force that can either be suppressed or expressed. You are a unique and needed vibration in the great field of energy. You are a very important person the World needs to know and only you can stop that.

You came into the world armed with all it takes to be fufilled and outstanding. You are unconsciously surrounded by the people and things you need to make that you come fully functional. You have to be conscious of who you truly are to be able to effectively tap into the unlimited resources provided everyday of your life. You can either choose to be alive or just be a dead zombie walking and working your way to interruption... a sad end!

You can't be the best of you if your are not connected to the great super force above all. If you're cut off the source we came from how can you evolve to our next level you're here to transit to? I have given lots in life but got little or nothing back. I am now on a new path turning around and that starts being independently effective. The formula is to access and channel every energy I can invest to get the best of me; then I can be truly valuable to life and the causes of others. You have to be standing firm on your feet before you can run the race or carry any cross. Lets start all over fully appreciating and defending our names first, one day we would successfully get your's written forever on the book of life.

Akanni Temiyato

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