Monday, October 12, 2015


MUSTAFA HASSANALI will Launch his #fashion4peace campaign Collection Aptly NamedAMANI (Kiswahili word for Peace), in Port Harcourt, which will Be Hassanali’s 31st City Globally to Showcase and his Show at the African Fashion Design Week will be his Third Show in Nigeria on 11th October.

The AMANI Collection is Inspired by The warmth from the Rays of Sunshine which embodies the various facets of Tranquility.
Using this Collection, Mustafa Hassanali preaches the importance of PEACE in Tanzania especially during this upcoming General Election on 25th October 2015
“Hekima Umoja na Amani. Hizi ni ngao zetu....Mungu Ibariki Africa, Mungu Ibariki Tanzania”  Excerpts From The Tanzania National Anthem. 
MUSTAFA HASSANALI'S AMANI COLLECTION will be accessorized by Susan Vogel's PHOEBE JEWELRY whose passion for artistic works is associated with the subject "Stadi za Kazi", ''Here at Phoeby Jewelry, we do what we love and love what we do. We're just following our desire,your desire''. "I've a weak spot with personalized items,its not like I'm selfish but for me, it define Who I am."

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